Monday, April 21, 2008

Rugby League Heritage

Yesterday I went to my first rugby league game since the 90s, watching the Tigers hammer the Rabbitohs at the Sydney Cricket Ground. My cousin Jeff was going with some friends, and it was a good chance to catch up with him. The SCG used to host the big football games before newer, purpose-built football grounds were built in the last few decades. This game was played at the historic ground as part of the "heritage round" celebrating the centenary of Australian rugby league, and we were even allowed to wander out on the ground after the match.

Jeff and I had a good chat, discussing work, travel plans, family news etc. I found that a footy crowd isn't the best place for a conversation; my voice got a bit strained from talking over the general noise. Still a good afternoon overall.

Some of Jeff's friends knew my brother Joseph and were able to see the family resemblance. They said it was much stronger when I took my glasses off, one person even comparing the effect to recognising Clark Kent's true identity when he removes his specs. I'm sure Joseph will be pleased to learn that we no longer look as similar now that I wear glasses, and particularly gratified that he gets the Superman half of the analogy.

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