Sunday, March 30, 2008

Audio Links

One last historical post for the day. While at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, I recorded some clips for the Jodcast, a podcast about all things astronomical. I answered listener questions on the "Ask an Astronomer" section.

These two segments were good enough for other people to say they were funny:
October 2007 Extra
February 2008 Extra

Pictures from the UK

Now for some photos from my time in England. Here's a view of Cheshire from halfway up the Lovell radio telescope, taken in November 2006.At the top, three young researchers climb around in the telescope. Note that Cristobal photographs me from above, Satoru photographs me from below, while a third photographer captures the whole scene from a distance. Bloody paparazzi.
Here's me ruining a pretty view of Wildboarclough, while visiting the Peak District in June 2007.
I don't know what it is, but parties with balloons bring out my inner seal. See this evidence from November 2007.
This photo from a 2007 Christmas party is actually improved by the flash giving me red eyes.

Pictures from America

Not much happening today, so I'm posting photos from my time in the United States. First up is a picture taken out of my MIT dorm room window back in October 2001. I happened to wake up just as the sun rose behind the John Hancock tower.
Next is a picture from my visit to Aunt Mary for Christmas 2002. I'm engaged in a lightsaber duel with my cousin Taylor.
Here's the big Socorro hailstorm of October 2004. I don't think ballmarks were the golf course's biggest problem that day.
A couple of months later Tiffany and I welcomed a snow-alien to Socorro.
Finally, here's me startling the local wildlife while hiking in the Grand Canyon in 2005.

Back in Australia

An explanation of myself for this first post. I'm an ex-astronomer, who last year decided that he'd rather have a business career than an academic career. A month ago I moved back to my hometown of Sydney, where I'm now looking for work.

No doubt I'll spend too much time posting to this blog until I get a full-time position.

I had some pictures and a blog on my Manchester University page, which should be available until I lose my department computer account.