Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Off the Cuff

This evening I engaged in one of my least favourite activities: shopping for trousers. I like to have the cuffs on my trousers fairly high, so they don't get dirty from puddles, messy floors etc. However the fashion is to have the cuffs quite low to avoid revealing too much of your socks while sitting down. Add in the fact that I have pretty short legs, and I find it near impossible to get the length I like.

Note to annoying fashionista shop assistants: I like my socks, and my feet tend to be hidden under a desk when I sit down anyway. That's why I wanted you to pin the cuffs higher for alterations and left when you kept trying to change my mind. I'll try a department shop in the next couple of days: hopefully they'll have a range of leg lengths so alterations won't be needed, or at least few enough shop assistants that I can try a few pairs without receiving persistent unwanted advice.

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