Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mild Amusement from Council Elections

Today was local council election day. After checking the results in my current municipality on the ABC website, I had a look at a few other places where I have some connection. Rather a waste of a time, but I had to smile at the following:
  • Turnout seems to be 60-65% in most districts, even though voting is compulsory. Obviously a lot of people go ahead with their regular weekend plans and treat the $50 fine as an additional expense.
  • In the area where I grew up (Blue Mountains council, 4th ward) the Liberal Party ticket was Fiona Creed, Graeme Creed, Michael Creed. I guess family dinners double as party branch meetings.
  • In the area where my parents currently live (Oberon council), there are 9 councillors to be elected from 3540 electors. That's about one elected official per 400 voters, and there must be even less populated areas than Oberon.
  • For example, the 2015 person electoral roll of Bogan Shire Council. That's the actual name, I'm not referring to Sutherland. Can you imagine being introduced as the Mayor of Bogan Shire?

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Sophie said...

That's fantastic. The Mayor of Bogan Shire. That is something to aspire to.